(i) Overview

At Cullen Macleod our property solicitors have extensive experience across a wide range of property matters.

Our broad range of expertise in the field allows us to offer an informed, practical and comprehensive service tailored to our client's particular needs to deliver sensible solutions.

  • Leasing
  • Due diligence
  • Sale and purchase of land
  • Development agreements
  • Subdivisions
  • Strata titles law
  • Strata management
  • Mortgages, caveats, easements, restrictive covenants
  • FIRB applications
  • Settlement services

(ii) Settlements & Conveyancing

Cullen Macleod provides a unique premium conveyancing service for both commercial and residential sales and purchases.

With the support of our property and litigation lawyers we provide a total service to those clients looking to buy or sell a property.

For more information, visit our conveyancing page

(iii) Leasing

One of Cullen Macleod particularly strong areas of expertise, our solicitors have extensive experience in the field of commercial leasing and are able to provide informed and practical assistance tailored to your particular needs.

Our solicitor's ability to offer comprehensive and common sense advice in a time effective manner provides our clients with a high quality of service.

Cullen Macleod solicitors can provide quality service to lessors, lessees and agents in regard to office, industrial or retail premises including:

  • a proven track record of working effectively with owners and their agents/property managers to provide informed and common sense legal advice about leased premises and their management.
  • lease negotiations;
  • preparing leases and related documents such as extensions, variations, amendments, terminations and assignments;
  • advice on the Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Act, Property Law Act, Transfer of Land Act and other relevant legislation
  • advising on disputes between tenants and owners;
  • reviewing and advising on "offers to lease" and draft leases;
  • advising on a variety property and associated matters that can affect leases such as caveats and liquor licensing.

(iv) Subdivisions & Property Developments

Cullen Macleod can provide vital legal advice to help you with the wide range of legal issues that arise with sub-divisions and property development.

From preparing documents and arranging lodgements and registrations with Landgate and the Office of State Revenue, to advising on the impact of the Property Law Act, Transfer of Land Act and other relevant legislation – Cullen Macleod can provide comprehensive support for your project.

(v) Property Trusts

Setting up the right trust structure can significantly improve a person's financial and legal position in regard to their property holdings, however the process can appear complex and overwhelming if one is unfamiliar with the area.

Cullen Macleod can help you set up the appropriate trust structure for your property situation and tailor a solution to your specific needs. We also provide legal advice on the on-going management of property trusts.

(vi) Contracts for Sale of Land

Contracts for the sale are often more complex and have more hidden issues than many people realise.

Obtaining the correct legal advice before entering a contract can help avoid greater costs and problems later on.

If you have already entered a contract, our solicitors can provide you with quality advice for your particular situation.

Cullen Macleod solicitors have extensive hands-on experience in this field and can help buyers and sellers with a range of matters including:

  • drafting an appropriate offer and acceptance contract for the sale of land;
  • contract negotiation and advice; and
  • contract dispute resolution

(vii) Carbon Sequestration Services

Carbon sequestration has rapidly developed as a specialised field of business and law. Cullen Macleod is one of the few law firms that has strong capability in this area.

Our unique combination of direct industry experience and legal expertise in the area of carbon sequestration, tree plantations, joint ventures, business structures and timber cropping in Western Australia, means we can offer practical and industry focused legal assistance including:

  • preparing and registration of carbon sequestration documents such as Carbon Rights, Carbon Covenants and Tree Plantation Agreements, surrenders of carbon sequestration documents, leases, caveats and contracts to purchase land;
  • advice and assistance on purchases or sale of land relating to carbon sequestration; and
  • general advice and assistance in relation to carbon sequestration and timber crop arrangements.

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