How We Charge

How We Charge

We understand that the amount you spend on legal services is a critical part of your business planning. Depending on specific legal area, we can often offer a set fee as part of assisting you with that planning.

We will do our best to ensure that we deliver value for your legal spend. We will communicate regularly with you to avoid any surprises.

All lawyers in WA are regulated as to how clients may be charged. We comply with all legal requirements and our standard terms and conditions are set out below.

When we charge on an hourly rate, it will be based on the skills and experience of the relevant lawyer and the specific area of services.

For some areas, for example settlements, we can often provide a schedule of fixed fees.

We will provide you with a reasonable estimate of your likely fees before you engage us. In urgent matters this may be an oral agreement, which will be turned into our standard Client Retainer Agreement at the first available opportunity.

We are always happy to discuss the appropriateness of legal expenses so please contact us if you would like to discuss any fee issue.