Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?

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This is the million-dollar question. All law firms are not equal. They generally all seem to provide similar services and say similar things on their websites. However, what actually sets law firms apart is Who it is that will assist you, and How they will go about doing it. These are the 2 most important questions in choosing a law firm and will determine how successful their clients’ outcomes are.

The ‘who’ at Cullen Macleod is our people: we have a broad team of ‘real’ people, who are extremely skilled and experienced, from a variety of backgrounds. Our lawyers advise industry bodies, teach at law schools and sit on business boards and legal committees to improve the way the courts run. So when you speak to us – you will be speaking to highly trained, experienced and skilled people. They are assisted by internal and external people where required. We have strategically aimed for a core senior team to assist you. So the advice we give you will be on point, practical and will be the result of many years of experience.

This is strengthened by our collaborative approach. We collaborate with a team of outstanding external barristers, experts and consultants, including other law firms, so that you always have access to the absolute best people in their respective fields. You will get the right advice, quickly, based on decades of experience.

This ‘Who’ leads to successful outcomes for our clients. Success is a result of the right people who have the right attitude. The right people who have the right attitude are people who enjoy being lawyers, enjoy working at Cullen Macleod, enjoy continuous learning, who are quick thinkers and problem solvers. At Cullen Macleod, we strive to attract, and keep, exactly these people. This then leads to the final, and most important part of our ‘Why?’

Why choose us? – Because we are successful.

Our lawyers have acted on, and advised on, some of WA’s leading cases and transactions, from the leading liquor licencing case in WA (Bicton Case) to one of the main cases on equity (a farming dispute) (Giumelli Case). We give our clients successful outcomes – including as at March 2018 an approximate 98% success rate in liquor licence applications, acting for some of Australia’s largest hospitality & retail businesses.

As for the ‘How’: How we do this is the second most important question when choosing a law firm. How we deal with you, with our colleagues, with each other.

We return your calls and answer your questions, quickly. We talk, and write, in simple clear language that you will understand. We give you direct access to your lawyer who is a senior lawyer who will have up to date information on your matter, without going through 3 ‘levels’ of lawyers. We do not send you documents full of ‘lawyer’ language, or strange Latin words.

We understand you often have a family to look after, as well as a business to run. So we make it easy for you to speak to us, and work with us. We can see you out of office hours or at your place of business. Whatever works for you. We use technology and other resources to work in the most efficient way possible. Lawyers are notorious for charging on a time basis, which can sometimes be the opposite of doing things efficiently. We prioritise efficiency at Cullen Macleod. If it can be done quicker, or more easily – we do it. This includes: removing unneeded paper files, giving you direct access online to your own files, replicating the important documents electronically on your electronic files so if you or your barrister need a document urgently, we can find and send it straightaway. Whatever is the most practical method.

We also extend this practical approach to solving your business question or problem. We do not use your precious resources (time and money) where we know that the result will not justify the expense. We talk you through your options, advise you on the potential consequences and give you cost estimates in advance. We are aware that you need up front knowledge and certainty with your legal fees. We will often offer fixed fees to give you a fixed price cost base. This means you will be in the best position to decide which option best meets your needs, or what to do next.

Our clients have responded wholeheartedly to this approach, and our outcomes are successful because of this approach. As a result, our clients range from local WA businesses to national supermarket chains to international food and beverage companies.

Our guiding attributes and outcomes can be summarised best in real people, highly skilled, working in the most efficient way possible. For these reasons, you can trust us to assist you in the best way possible and bring you the best outcomes possible.

If you choose us to assist you, you will choose a boutique firm with top tier lawyers, service and clients, who have an established track record of success.