Commercial & Business Law

Commercial & Business Law

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Cullen Macleod combines a high level of expertise with sound understanding of real-world commercial considerations to deliver our clients informed & practical service.

Our solicitors experience helps guide our clients through the often complex legal aspects of the commercial and business world so that they can focus on the fundamentals of their business while knowing the important legal details are covered.

  • Sale and purchase of businesses
  • Shareholder, unitholder, partnership and joint venture documents
  • Business succession
  • Franchising agreements, disputes and advice
  • Loan and financing arrangements
  • Terms of trade, supply and distribution agreements
  • Internet and media issues
  • Commercial contracts
  • Privacy law
  • Corporations Law
  • Personal Property Securities advice
  • Business settlements
  • Business structures
  • Management contracts and rights
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Strata Management
  • Independent advice for guarantors

Business, Share Sales & Acquisitions

People are often unsure of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to the establishment or the sale and purchase of the business.

Whether you want advice to set up your business properly from the start to maximise efficiency and avoid problems later on or have an issue with an established business, our solicitors can assist with a wide range of business and shareholder issues including:

  • setting up a business with the right business structure for your particular needs;
  • buying or selling a business;
  • changing a business structure or set-up; and
  • company matters including share holder agreements and company constitutions.


Franchising has emerged as an increasingly popular business model, both for those seeking to expand their business as well as people looking to buy into the security of an established business model as they start their own business.

Cullen Macleod has experienced solicitors that are practical and industry focused to the particular needs of the franchising field. They have extensive experience operating in the industry and working with established and respected figures in the WA franchising community.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the laws directly relevant to franchising, such as the Franchising Code of Conduct, leasing and licensing matters, trademark and copyright issues, commercial law and contract law.

We can assist franchisors and franchisees on a range of issues including:

  • preparing and advising on the necessary operational and legal documentation for new or existing franchises;
  • advise about document compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct and other relevant legislation;
  • reviewing prospective franchises on behalf of franchisees;
    disputes regarding franchised businesses;
  • the sale, renewal, transfer or termination of a franchise; and
  • the wide range of commercial and property issues that can arise with franchises.

Corporations & Securities Law

Cullen Macleod has extensive experience in the area of corporation and security law offering informed and practical advice tailored to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises including mining and exploration companies.

Our solicitors can assist with a wide range of corporation and security legal issues including:

  • compliance with ASX rules, director’s duties and the Corporations Act;
  • company prospectuses, IPO’s and rights issues, and
  • due diligence and the asset acquisition processes.