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We offer a premium conveyancing service to all people who buy and sell property whether you are upgrading your home, a first home owner or a sophisticated property investor or developer.

We will also act for you on the sale or purchase of a business.

Our point of difference is the ability to provide you with a complete service, which includes:

  • managing the approval and registration process of your next development;
  • the drafting of your Contract for Sale of Land or Sale of Business Agreement;
  • conveyancing
  • legal advice
  • Settlement services
  • Sale and purchase of business
  • Business settlements
  • Sale and purchase of land / property
  • Personal guarantees

We are your “One Stop Shop”!

You will be happy to know we charge at the Settlement Agent’s Scale of Fees for all our settlements.

Our conveyancing practice is boutique in size which enables you to be our priority.

Our Conveyancer has extensive experience in all forms of property transactions in Western Australia and as we are a law firm we can offer you legal support if necessary.

Please contact Johanna Prosser or Marnie Aldrick 08 9389 3999 or

Residential Transactions

Buying or selling your home can be an overwhelming experience. There are many aspects of the transaction to consider such as arranging finance, home opens, the sale process and moving.

Each property transaction is unique and you need to take comfort that you have the right conveyancer acting for you.

We attend to all requirements to legally transfer the property into your name such as notifying the local authorities of the change of ownership, drafting the transfer documentation and liaising with your broker and finance institution to effect a timely settlement.

We encourage our clients to contact us before they enter into a contract to ensure that they receive the necessary advice before their legal obligations are triggered.

Click Here to Obtain a copy of a Residential Guide to Your purchase

Click Here to Obtain a copy of a Residential Guide to Your Sale

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Cullen Macleod has the experience and knowledge to settle your next commercial real estate purchase or sale.

Commercial transactions are unique and sometimes complex with special conditions and due diligence requirements to be satisfied.

If you are not buying a vacant property, then you have probably purchased it for rental investment. You need to ensure that you have made due diligence enquiries in respect to the lease and rental income before you enter into a legal binding contract.

With the combined experience of our highly regarded property solicitors and our conveyancer we ensure that the transfer of the property and lease to you is effected efficiently.

Business Transactions

At Cullen Macleod our experts in the areas of Franchising and Business Law are fully equipped to act for you on the sale and purchase of your next business.

We will follow up on special conditions, assignment of the lease where the business is operated, attend to the transfer of any freehold land, arrange necessary release of charges on the business, attend settlement and follow through on any post settlement obligations.

Strata Title

Cullen Macleod has acted for many developers of strata titled developments in metropolitan and regional areas, residential and commercial.

When buying or selling a strata title there are additional obligations which must be met to ensure the interests of all parties are protected.

We have experience in drafting of sales contracts, special conditions and documents to register the strata plan for “off the plan” developments.

Private Sale Transaction

We can act for you on the sale or purchase of a property where there is no real estate agent involved.

We will prepare the contract and special conditions to cater for your needs. On most occasions we can include the preparation of the contract in your settlement fee, charged at the Settlement Agent’s Scale.

To finalise the sale, we will attend to the conveyancing of the property on your behalf.

Land Developments & Sub Divisions

Over the years, Cullen Macleod has assisted many small and large property developers with their developments.

We can assist you right from the start and with our experience, we understand your goals.

We can act for you on the original purchase and then be there for you throughout the development phase and subdivision. We are able to prepare the necessary documentation for subdivision and then settlement.

Family or Related Party Transactions

With our experience in wills, estates and duty we are able to act for you with family or related party transactions including transfers to and from family trusts, beneficiaries and superannuation funds.

We can prepare the necessary deeds, contracts and documentation necessary to complete the transfer of the property.