Why Cullen Macleod Started

Why Cullen Macleod Started

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In 2004, 3 partners who had all worked in national top tier firms decided they wanted something different. They decided to start a law firm that combined the best of what they had learnt from their previous firms, with the flexibility of a smaller firm: top tier experience and skills in a boutique firm.

This meant they could cut away the layers of bureaucracy and offer truly flexible ways of working and services – for themselves and their clients. They had lives, and understood that so did their clients. This changed the way they worked, and the services they could offer. Before flexibility and innovation became a marketing pitch, this change meant they could go to their clients’ offices, they could offer fixed fees not set by national boards. In essence, they could offer the St Georges Terrace skill level, without the St Georges Terrace traditional requirements and costs, and by starting afresh, create new, more efficient ways of working.

20 years later, while the name has changed and the firm has grown to 34 people, that original philosophy guides everything we do.

Today, our lawyers are real people, highly skilled, who use technology to provide legal and business services in the most efficient way possible. We understand that the services we provide are just one part of making our clients’ lives and businesses more successful. Whether that is setting up deals correctly, protecting them against future problems, or assisting when they have run into difficulties. We do so in simple English, without the legal jargon, and in the most efficient way possible. There is no point having brilliant lawyers on your team, if you can’t understand what they are telling you, and it turns up in a 20 – page letter of advice. So our core attributes and outcomes can be summarised in 3 words: People, skill and efficiency.

We help our clients in ways that we believe set us apart from other law firms. Most law firms say this. Basically, they talk the talk. But at Cullen Macleod we walk the walk. Click here to see How we do it, Who we are, and ultimately Why you should choose us.