7 Tips to Avoid the Time, Stress and Cost of Property & Employment Issues in Your Business!

Property: your premises are usually a large part of your business – close the loopholes

1. Make sure you have a strong signed written lease

If you don’t have a lease agreement with the right terms, your rights to use and enjoy the premises can be affected

2. Protect your option to renew – know your Option Renewal Date and diarise in advance

If you want to renew, make sure you do it within time

3. Protect your tenancy against a new owner taking over – register or caveat your lease

If your lease term is over 5 years and the landlord sells the property, without one of these - you could be out

4. Protect your tenancy against the landlord’s bank kicking you out – get the landlord’s bank’s approval of your lease

If your landlord’s financier sells the property and you never obtained their consent to your lease, again, you could be out

Employment: humans are (usually!) your best resource – but make sure you are in control:

5. Don’t terminate or discipline in anger

The consequence could be a long and costly unfair dismissal claim (or related action)

6. Make sure you have a signed employment contract

A good employment agreement will protect your business (e.g. prevent employees taking your confidential information and your clients) and give you the right to remove non-performing employees

7. Policy documents – think about if you want them, need them, and if so know what they are and how to enforce them

Our team can also help you with assistance in a broad range of other areas:

Examples include liquor licensing, contract disputes, employment law, family law, and drafting and reviewing a broad range of contracts for your business, to name a few!

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