Ruth Livingstone

Senior Associate - Commercial & Succession Planning.

Ruth has over 15 years experience and practices across many areas of general commercial law including wills and estates, disputed estates, medium-small business sales/purchases, reviewing/drafting terms and conditions.

Ruth graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Muchdoch University in 2002. Over the years she has worked at several reputable legal firms and also at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Western Australia. She has managed legal matters across a broad range of legal areas and has appeared in Court and negotiated numerous settlements involving complex legal issues. 

In 2004, Ruth was co-opted as a Committee Member of the Welfare Rights and Advocacy Service and assisted in the administration of that service for the term of a year. In 2008, Ruth successfully completed an extensive course and qualified as a LEADR accredited mediator. In 2015, Ruth commenced her own successful legal practice until she joined Cullen Macleod in 2020. Ruth continues to service all her clients in a practical and respectful manner and enjoys assisting them with the progression, and at times resolution, of their commercial matters.

In addition to her commercial law practice, Ruth has had the benefit of working across different legal areas including commercial litigation, workers compensation and insurance law, which places her in the unique position of being able to assist clients with complex matters which often touch upon other areas of law. Clients will benefit from Ruth’s broader ability and perspective on legal matters combined with her approach of assisting clients to achieve their most practical and useful outcomes.

Ruth has cared for an aging relative and in so doing has very practical skills and know-how which are combined with her extensive legal skills to be able to offer her clients very sound and useful advice and guidance for their estate planning and elder law. This experience has enabled her to be able to realistically explore with clients their most viable and preferred options to achieve the best possible outcome for them and their loved ones.

Ruth looks forward to being able to assist you with any estate planning or general commercial issue you may have and would be pleased for you to contact her by email or by her direct phone 9389 3954.