Alice Tangney


Alice is a Paralegal in the Commercial Team working with the Wills & Estates section.

Alice has approximately 13 years’ experience assisting clients with the administration of both large and small estates, including general estate administration, preparation of financial statements and information for tax preparation, overseeing trust accounts, managing bank term deposits, and distributing estate funds.

Included in Estate Administration, Alice has experience in preparing and filing applications for grant of probate and letters of administration, preparing and lodging Landgate applications including survivorship and transmission applications, property transfers, lost title applications, and verification of identity statements.

Along with the lodgement of applications lodged at the Office of State Revenue, Alice has assisted with the setting up of safe custody procedures and the managing of the Wills bank which is imperative for the safe-keeping of client wills, certificates of title, and various other original documents.  Alice has also assisted in the preparation of Wills and codicils, and in the preparation of Enduring Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Guardianship, and similarly lodging for registration at Landgate.

Alice looks forward to being able to help you.

Contact her on or 9389 3999 to have a chat about how she can assist.