The Importance of Sorting Your Will and Associated Affairs


Much has changed in the last few weeks. In fact much has changed in the last few days (and likely in the hours prior to you reading this) and if current trends are anything to go by, much is likely to change exponentially in the coming few days, weeks and months.

The sudden global spread of the Coronavirus is making many of us nervous, particularly those in our community that are most at risk of complications should they contract the virus.

Thinking about what you will do with your estate when you die is one of those tasks that we all put off.  And why wouldn’t you?  It can feel like you are tempting fate and given the aversion most of us have to considering our own deaths, it can be wholly depressing.  We get it!

However right now, you really should not let that stop you from getting onto it. This is mostly because in Western Australia, if you die without a Will (called dying Intestate), legislation will determine what happens to your estate.  In many, if not most situations, this will usually be wholly inadequate for your beneficiaries and probably unlike what you would have liked to see happen if you had had a chance to give it some thought.

So, if you have ever been thinking that you really should get onto getting your Will written, now is probably the best time ever for you to do something about it.

Now before you rush out and grab a Will kit from the post office and start scribbling away, you should know that they also can cause complications of their own and often do.  The number of estates that are contested at great expense as a result of Will kit wills is frightening.

Now is a great time to ‘be like Bob’… so wash your hands, observe the 1.5m social distancing rules… and get your Will written by a solicitor.

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