Family Law Information Sheet

Family Law Information Sheet

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Cullen Macleod provides a full range of family law services

Our team offers a comprehensive range of skills and experience to deliver pragmatic results in a timely and cost effective way .

Why should I use Cullen Macleod?

At Cullen Macleod we are large enough to provide you with a team of highly experienced and skilled lawyers, but small enough that you will be able to deal with the one or two people actually working on your file. This mean s that when you contact your lawyer you will speak with someone who understands your needs and has up to date information on the progress of your matter.

Due to this, our clients range from international individuals involved in family law disputes in Australia to local people needing family law assistance.

We take a pragmatic approach to problem solving . W e will not use your precious resources where we know that the result will not justify the expense or energy required. Where possible, we will provide you with a range of options so that you can decide which approach best meets your needs.

Our approach is to understand your needs and to meet these in the way that serves you best, in a timeframe that works for you and that delivers value, always with your preferred outcome in mind.

What are the services we provide?

The breakdown of a marriage or a de facto relationship is a stressful and often confusing experience. Issues are often complex, diverse and carry an emotional burden.

We provide you with friendly, empathetic, prompt and professional advice to enable you to make the right decisions following the breakdown of your relationship.

Our family law team has super technical and legal knowledge with a depth of experience across all areas. Our family law team also has access to the resources and knowledge of our company’s other specialist teams, such as commercial law, property law and settlements.

This allows us to provide clear, concise advice to guide clients and enable them to make this difficult transition in life as quickly and easily as possible.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • property settlements and spousal maintenance issues
  • parenting and child welfare matters, including child abduction matters
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • Child Support
  • advice in relation to Surrogacy Agreements
  • divorce
  • adoption
  • guardianship and administration matters

We provide litigation representation, strategy and advice in relation to the successful resolution of disputes. We are committed to guiding client s through the various stages of any matter and act diligently to provide regular comprehensive updates.

While the services we provide cover most disputes a client may face , we maintain a strong association with other experienced professionals such as barristers and accountants who provide representation and specialist advice when required.

Our team brings with it a wealth of experience from different practice areas to provide you with practical advice and representation, including two nationally accredited Mediators. We have a strong focus on negotiation and mediation to resolve disputes at an early stage and avoid costly court proceedings. We have an extensive network of experts prepared to assist and advise our clients, from accountants, financial advisors, property and business Valuers to psychologists specialising in family therapy

Who will assist you?

In the first instance, please contact:

Meredith Hunter

Principal – Family Law