Unless our fees are fixed fees we will charge as below.

Fees which are not fixed are charged on a range of hourly rates, which are divided into 6 minute intervals. The minimum charge is 1 unit (even if actual time spent is less). The rates and basis of our charging apply regardless of the nature of the task. Our fees are based on the specific rates for the professional staff in our agreement letter and the following range of hourly rates for other professional staff.

Lawyer or clerkHourly Rate (excl GST)
A director or consultant $525 - $700
An employed solicitor $290 - $500
Attendance by an outside clerk $80
Administrative Assistants $100 – $265

 with pro rata charges for each part of an hour or such higher amount as is allowed from time to time by the Solicitors Remuneration Order for attendances by such person.

Notwithstanding the above rates the minimum charge for:

  • a) correspondence is the charge for one tenth of an hour at the appropriate rate charged by the person who performs the work;
  • b) any attendance or telephone call is the charge for one tenth of an hour at the appropriate rate charged by the person who performs the work; and
  • c) any attendance by a clerk outside the office including filing, delivering, serving, stamping, collecting, obtaining or registering a letter, search, certificate or other document is a minimum of $88.00 per attendance.


You must pay all out-of-pocket expenses, disbursements and charges such as (including GST):

  • photocopying and facsimile at the rate of $0.66 per page;
  • fees payable to obtain any necessary searches, certificates or reports or the registration of any document, instrument or patent at per search or document;
  • postage, electronic mail fees and courier fees;
  • word processing fees for the typing of documents or letters at the rate per page or part thereof of $2.20 or the relevant administrative assistant's hourly rate, at our discretion; and
  • Counsel fees. If you instruct us to brief Counsel, you will be required to pay to us Counsel's anticipated fees in advance to be held by us in trust until Counsel's account is received. We will consult you and obtain your permission before instructing Counsel in regards to your matter.

(i) Law Society Explanatory Notes for Clients

This Law Society document provides clients with advice on entering into a costs agreements with a law practice. A copy of the document can be obtained by contacting the Law Society of WA at https://www.lawsocietywa.asn.au/contact-us/

(ii) Law Society – Legal Costs – Your Right to Know

This Law Society document sets out for clients your rights relating to legal costs. A copy of it can be obtained from the Law Society of WA or from the link below:


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